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Immofori Credit Care SystemImmofori Credit Care SystemImmofori Credit Care SystemImmofori Credit Care System

Real Estate

Das Credit Care System

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Credit Care System

NPL & Real Estate Advisory

With more than ten years of experience in the field, IMMOFORI AG is the specialist for managing and maximising returns on distressed mortgage portfolios. As part of LOANCOS Group’s integrated loan platform, a smooth transition to intensive care operations is ensured. The real estate experts at IMMOFORI AG have specific know-how regarding distressed situations and the special marketing characteristics of the mortgaged properties. By resolving more than 40,000 properties, a unique network of 400 local brokers has been established in Germany. Banks and financial investors can benefit from this network.

As a member of LOANCOS Group, IMMOFORI AG is a leading provider of due diligence advisory services for mortgage and corporate loan portfolios, both on the sell and on the buy side, with an extensive track record.

The Credit Care System offers a comprehensive and integrated range of services for banks, investors and lenders, covering all aspects of non-performing loans.

Immofori Credit Care SystemImmofori Credit Care SystemImmofori Credit Care SystemImmofori Credit Care System

— NPL & Real Estate Advisory —

NPL Servicing

Smooth transition from Primary to NPL Servicing

40,000 non-performing loans serviced within LOANCOS Group

Focus on cooperative solutions

Fair play, respect and trust are our core values

One of our major strengths lies in our unparalleled track record. Adding our expertise to the process early on, using the integrated platform for performing and non-performing loans, secures our clients maximum recovery rates.

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IMMOFORI AG offers lenders a full range of services for the servicing of non-performing loans. The focus of these services is on rigorously aiming to achieve amicable solutions with the borrowers. As an intermediary, IMMOFORI AG has the know-how, professionalism and integrity to support all processes in the best possible way for all involved parties. A team that has grown together through years of collaboration secures the claims and maximises the recovery rates using flexible solutions.

Within the LOANCOS group of companies there are no expensive and time-consuming interfaces between Primary and NPL Servicing, which enables flexible arrangements to be reached at the push of a button, based on the specific risk profiles of the loans managed.

The processes meet all statutory and regulatory requirements regarding data protection and compliance and provide important information for the lender’s risk provisioning.

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Real Estate Advisory

100% reputation-protective – proven by a ten-year track record

Sales specialists for distressed situations

Local competence due to more than 400 verified brokers

Access possible via Web portal

A special combination of real estate and loan expertise is required when selling properties in distressed situations. Local knowledge is indispensable, which is why we have a network that puts us right on site.

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Recovering value from non-performing loan properties demands special know-how, experience and a strong intuition in order to ascertain real values – through private sale or foreclosure auction. IMMOFORI AG disposes of a team of specialists that have fine-tuned their processes over many years of working together. They have an unmatched track record in both residential and commercial properties.

The integrated loan platform ensures that all legal aspects of claims management are covered and that there is access to the LOANCOS Group network..

In real estate marketing, banks and investors benefit from the direct access to the buyer. In providing that access, IMMOFORI AG exploits its close contacts to national and international investors, its own broker’s license, highly specialised IT with extensive data pools and a nationwide network of around 400 experienced and regionally based brokers.

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Deficiency Claim Solutions

Transforming files into claims

100% reputation

Extensive and transparent track record with benchmarking

A unified data-quality standard ensures high price levels

Smart EXIT helps banks and portfolio holders obtain the maximum extraordinary income on written-off claims, without their assistance. In addition, there is no costly management of old cases, which are often no longer maintained in the system.

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IMMOFORI AG offers fast and profitable solutions for clearing up portfolios of unsecured deficiency claims from real estate financing. Its outstanding track record evidences the high recovery ratios of the Smart EXIT product.

In a multi-stage process receivables are identified by examining system information and files, and a data quality suitable for improving the purchase price is generated. Using a special scoring system, cash-flow potential is ascertained during this phase and the portfolio is prepared for a sale organised by IMMOFORI AG.

The bundling of volumes and the access to the specialised investor network are additional advantages. Smart EXIT offers banks and investors a solution for obtaining the highest possible extraordinary returns within 12 months – without them having to provide any work of their own.

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Transaction Advisory

Extensive sell-/buy-side due diligence expertise

Valuation of complex portfolio structures

Utilisation of the historical recovery rates (track record)

Access to red data rooms via H&S Hanseatic Legal

Potential buyers benefit not only from our employees’ extensive experience, but also from the back-testing of our models with the actual portfolio results in the subsequent servicing – something that sets us apart from pure consulting companies.

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IMMOFORI AG offers extensive and modular due diligence services for the sale and purchase of loan and real estate portfolios. As part of the LOANCOS Group network, it can guarantee a reliable evaluation of complex mixed portfolios of performing, non-performing, unsecured loans and real estate, from one source.

The combination of our expertise in the fields of portfolio modelling, real estate and claims management ensures the decisive transparency in both transaction directions.

The extensive practical experience of our specialist teams in the reduction of non-core portfolios, in particular in the field of performing-loan portfolios, goes into the evaluation process, allowing a realistic estimate of various different retention and exit scenarios.

Thanks to our close link to the legal firm H&S Hanseatic Legal, which specialises in loan advisory services, we also provide an excellent legal and commercial analysis of performing loans from one source.

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Deutsches Erbaurechts-Zentrum

Due to their stable cash-flows and the low risk profile, leaseholds are generally considered to be “positively boring”. Latest legislation has enhanced the rights of leasehold owners and offers new ways to increase the obtainable returns. In addition to the typical holders of such rights – churches and municipalities – national and international investors have long since become aware of the “leasehold” asset class and are developing an ever-growing appetite to invest in it.

Thanks to our integration into the LOANCOS Group loan platform, we have access to a close network of investors, which offers portfolio holders additional options, while at the same time pointing out opportunities to investors that enable them a simple entry into the “leasehold” asset class.

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That is why IMMOFORI AG founded the German Leasehold Centre ("Deutsches Erbbaurechts-Zentrum"). As one of the largest portfolio managers with more than 20,000 units across Germany, the highly-specialised team of experts offers an end-to-end service for managing and growing the value of leasehold portfolios.

The cataloguing and digitisation of the portfolio holdings generates transparency and cost efficiency and provides the basis for analysing value-accretion potential by systematically adjusting the ground rents in accordance with the lucrative, legal options.

Alongside the reputation-sparing optimisation of the material and contractual agreements, the specialists at IMMOFORI AG also advise portfolio holders on the strategy and structure of the portfolios to be managed.

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